Air. Sea. Road. Rail.

From quoting through to warehouse management – FREIGHTsoft® will offer the tools needed, and stakeholders the key insights they've always wanted.

Automated intelligence

Automating repetitive tasks and providing real time checks, these features streamline your workflow.

Real-time insights

You need information that was relevant as of one second ago - not the last time a scheduled process ran on your server.

Access anywhere

Entirely web based, your users will be able to access FREIGHTsoft from anywhere you've authorised with just a web browser.


A system that your users will understand

We've been building software for over two decades. At the forefront of all our applications is a strong focus on providing a user interface – and a user experience – that is simple and intuitive for the end user. Together with our pioneering first customer we set out to change what software meant to the freight and logistics industry.

What does this mean? It means that we start at the beginning by asking questions such as "what is the user trying to achieve?" and "what would help them perform this task?".

The result is streamlined and finely-honed processes, with common actions, helpful information, and useful insights put front-and-centre.

A user should be able to access the quotes they've created today with a single click - not five. Generating a quote for a customer? Then you'll probably want to see this customer's recent quote history as you do.


Make your customers feel special

FREIGHTsoft will provide a complete CRM solution that allows your sales team to effectively manage every interaction they have with your customers.

By automating common actions or making them available with a single click, you will be able to provide an unparalleled level of service and allow your team to get on with the business of selling.

Automatically invoice your larger customers at the end of each month to your agreed credit terms. Send them booking confirmations with the click of a mouse. See in a single view any account the system has automatically marked as a downtrader due to their sales activity (or lack thereof!).

We recognise that customers are your most important asset so we'll provide all the tools you need to make sure they know that too.


Load planning built for teams

Our revolutionary load planner will bring collaborative load planning to your team. Users will be able to work with other members of their team planning loads in real-time via a simple drag and drop interface. Other users will be updated as and when changes happen, without ever having to refresh.

The load planner also features a host of automated checks and balances that will ensure your operators are acting within defined constraints.

One of the team added a hazardous goods consignment to a load? They'll see any incompatibilities with consignments already assigned to that load in real-time.


Understand where you're profitable

FREIGHTsoft will give you the insight into the areas of your business that are performing well by breaking down all profit streams, be it by client or for the business as a whole - into routes, commodities, and any other factor.

Powered by our CRM system, we can give all users – be they operations, sales, or accounts – the information they need in order to make prudent and profitable decisions as and when they're making them.

Designed for dangerous loads

Our powerful, integrated HAZculator®will give operators real-time feedback on whether a load is compatible, and allows them or your DGSA to delve into the detail as they need to.

  • Caters for ADR, IMDG and Eurotunnel regulations
  • Dynamic load compatibility checking
  • Provides reference tools for ADR & IMDG
  • Compliance checks and advice
  • Will be available as a standalone tool

Deal with the unexpected

Moving a consignment half-way around the world is never a precise science. Customers book consignments as 100kg when it really weighs 135kg. Operators make mistakes and forget to bill correctly. Consignments can sometimes get damaged during transit.

FREIGHTsoft will be an application that expects the unexpected - it'll be flexible enough to allow your team to deal with the unforeseen as and when it happens, while providing you with the accountability you need.

  • Capture photos as jobs transit through your network
  • Track who made what changes to a job and when
  • Update a job to reflect reality with the click of a button

Everything you need as standard

FREIGHTsoft will come paired with all the functionality you need to run your freight or logistics business as standard.


Quote your customers based on agreed tariffs with your suppliers, using pre-defined profit margins.

Secure by default

All communication with FREIGHTsoft and the data stored within will be encrypted using industry-standard techniques.

Invoicing made easy

Generate and send invoices with a single click. FREIGHTsoft will continually synchronise with your accountancy software to give you accurate financial positions.

Dynamic reporting

The dynamic reporting tool will allow you to interrogate and extract information from FREIGHTsoft at any time and export it in Excel or CSV format for further manipulation.



Join our working group of freight forwarders to help shape the roadmap of our new cloud product. We are hosting an information event in Liverpool. The session will present the product vision and how it can change the way technology supports the freight-forwarding industry.

Places are limited and further details will be provided by email prior to the event once interest has been registered below.